Day: May 25, 2022

Sell Your Business

Is it Time to Sell your Business

If you are considering to sell your business, you should take some time to reflect on your own circumstances. Selling your business can be a

Working From Home
Staff & Workplace

Is Working from Home Good for Staff

Working from home is good for staff in a number of ways. Most employees report feeling more connected to co-workers and having more time to

PR In Business

How Important is PR in Business

PR is the practice of promoting a product or service. The goal of PR in business is to create brand awareness and internal thought leadership.

Business Crisis

How to Handle a Business Crisis

How to handle a business crisis? Communication is one of the first rules of crisis management. Once you identify a crisis, you’ll need to develop

Apology Email

How to Write an Apology Email

How do you write an apology email? There are many steps to writing a good apology email. First, start by expressing your regret. By acknowledging